Boards of Directors.  The LWV, members elect boards to manage the activities of the League (* see below for members of the Rensselaer LWV Board).  In addition to elected officers, boards are composed of elected and appointed directors.  The number of directors elected and the manner of their election is outlined in the bylaws of each League organization.  Each board member usually has a specific area of responsibility, such as program, voter service, public relations, or advocacy.

Committees.  There are two types of committees:  study committees and standing committees.  Study committees study a public policy issue of LWV concern and develop a focus for League consideration.  Standing committees carry out the balance of the LWV’s work in voter service, membership and budget.

Meetings.  In Rensselaer County, the board meets once a month and holds an annual membership meeting in the spring to elect officers, set dues rates, and adopt a local program of action, bylaw revisions, and an annual budget.  Other informative, working and social meetings are held throughout the year.  The New York State and national Leagues also hold annual conventions.

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