Non-Partisan Policy


Reaffirmed by Board of Directors on June 23, 2011

The League of Women Voters of Rensselaer County does not support or oppose any political party or candidate. It does, however, adopt and advocate positions on governmental measures, policies, and issues in the public interest after careful study and substantial agreement among its members.

  • Members of the League are encouraged to become actively involved, on an individual basis, in all public activities, including activities of, and on behalf of political parties and candidates.
  • At all times, League members shall be careful to distinguish their activities as individuals from those undertaken on behalf of the League. They shall take particular care to avoid the appearance of representing the League when, in fact, they do not.
  • The president, the voter service director, and any officer or board member who speaks publicly on behalf of the League shall not run for or hold elective office or work actively on behalf of a candidate for elective office while serving as a board member. Financial contribution to a candidate’s campaign shall not, in itself, constitute working actively on behalf of a candidate; however, such persons shall not publicly endorse any candidate.
  • No member who is running for elective office or actively supporting a candidate for public office shall participate on behalf of the League in any activity pertaining to that office, including, but not limited to, candidates’ forums or debates.
  • Any member who, as an individual, speaks or works against a League position shall make it clear that she/he is acting as an individual and not on behalf of the League. Any officer or board member who is strongly identified by the public with the League should consider resigning from the board before speaking or working against a League position.
  • The political activities of a spouse or relative of a board member are to be considered as separate and distinct from the activities of the board member.

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