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Observer Corp - City of Troy

City of Troy Redistricting
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The introduction of the amendment to the Charter to add members to the Troy Redistricting c Commission was moved to the February 3rd Regular Council Meeting.

Several years ago a City Charter Revision Committee proposed Charter revisions that were adopted by the electorate on 11/3/2015. The City Charter can be found here One aspect of these revisions was that the process of drawing of district boundaries was addressed for the first time -

"§ C-2. Drawing of district boundaries; redistricting.

The Council, as soon as is practicable and not later than six months after the availability of population data on a census tract basis from each decennial census taken by the U.S. Census Bureau, shall appoint an independent commission of seven members who are electors of the City to examine the population within the boundaries of the six council districts of the City. Each district must contain neither less than 13% nor more than 18% of the population of the City and, to the greatest extent possible, shall be compact, contiguous, convenient and preserve neighborhood characteristics. If such districts are found not to be in compliance with this requirement, based on the census data, the Council shall direct the independent commission to devise and recommend to it a plan to redistrict the City in accordance with the population percentages described herein, and in compliance with all pertinent legal requirements. The Council shall use such recommendation to the greatest extent possible to proceed by ordinance to redistrict the City. No more than four members of the commission may be registered members of the same political party. "

At the Regular Council meeting of December 2, 2021 the following Resolution was adopted -

"97. Resolution Establishing And Appointing An Independent Commission To Examine The Population Within The Boundaries Of The Six Council Districts Of The City Of Troy And To Recommend A Plan Of Redistricting If Required (Council Member Zalewski) Zalewski made a motion to add the names Jerry Ford, Jr., Blaise Hartley, Peter Kehoe, Robert Martiniano, Jill Nagy, Mary Sweeney, and Agnes Zink and the dates March 31 and June 30, 2022. Motion passed 4 ayes, 3 nos (Gulli, Ashe McPherson, Mantello). Resolution passed 4 ayes, 3 nos (Gulli, Ashe McPherson, Mantello), 0 abstentions."

Our League member, Jill Nagy, participated in the Charter Revision in 2015 and has now been appointed to the Commission. She reports of the appointed members, 3 are Democrats, 3 are Republicans, and 1 is a Libertarian.

At their Jan. 20, 2022 Finance meeting the new Council majority is proposing to amend the Redistricting Law to read that the Council "shall appoint an independent commission of no less than seven but no more than ten members." The rationale is not stated. To watch this and other City Council meetings go to the City's youtube page and select the City Council Channel.

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